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A Circus Workshop and Performance company that has been 15 years in the making! 

Hello, my name is Adam 'BOOM!' Scott. 

I Spin, Juggle and Balance things!

The love of learning new skills and communicating them to other circus fans and fanatics alike has given me a great deal of skillsets, both on and off stag. I would like to share with you soon...

Put simply: Balancing, Juggling and Spinning can be playful, safe and empowering to all. These are the key Skills 'What !F Circus' has to offer to all ages and abilities.

Read on and discover the circus in you!


What !F Circus...
taught at your School?

Let's have fun, play safe, and learn to never give up...!

The Circus Key skills of Balancing, Juggling and Spinning are on offer for all ages and abilities of KS1 & 2; in these engaging, rewarding and fun formats - NOW!

Starting the day with a circus display to the School assembly is a great way to experience all the skills being taught and more...!


Learn how to interact and play with props with structured play, gaining technique through fun and imaginative games!


Learn how to perform your newly found super abilities to your peers in a non-judgmental and safe environment!


What !F Circus...
entertained your Festival & Event?


Come and experience a pressure free atmosphere to 'have a go' with props as you please!


Experience a display of Circus Skills you'll be learning and more! 


Circus Props include:

Hula Hoops - Poi + Staves - Spinning plates - Juggling Balls, Scarves and Rings - Juggling Hats - Contact Juggling - Diablos - Flower Sticks - Rolla Bola - Peg stilts and Cup stilts - Balancing Feathers

Circus Key Skills: Balancing, Juggling and Spinning

What are Circus Key Skills..?

WIFC! - Circus props include.jpg
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What !F Circus...
performed a fire show?


It's dusk and the light is just right. Pull up a seat and experience Adam BOOM! perform Circus Skills in a daring and spectacular Fire and Pyrotechnic Show!


Don't believe the hype...!


Equity (Actors Union) member for 10 years

DBS certified - formerly CRB Enhanced

Child Safe Guarding certified 

Health and Safety: 

Fully insured - £10,000,000 PLI

Fully Risk assessed

Full Method statement


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