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What !F Circus

A Circus Workshop and Performance experience that has been 15 years in the making! 

Adam BOOM! is a Circus artist of theatre, stage and street. You name it and he’ll spin, balance or juggle it!

His recent project ‘What !F Circus’ was an idea realised over these years in response to Teachers requests to bring circus skills to Reception, KS1 and KS2 School Children across the UK in a safe, colourful and imaginative format.

Inspired. He asked himself, What if all these years of exploration into Circus creations was leading to finding the truths within Play that could be universal when finding others natural circus skills? What if, Play co-ops a joint learning experience that enhances our self-wealth; physically, socially and mentally with improved understanding of these capabilities and more? What if all this could be fun, safe and progressive? What IF Circus was the answer…?

With these what if questions buzzing around his head Adam set about investing time and creative energies to this discipline; re-imagining his wealth of performance knowledge from a multitude of props, acts and 1000's of hrs performing. Learning how to harvest the sweet nectar that is central to Circus. The Core Skills:

* Spinning

* Balancing

* Juggling

Engaging students with 3 stages of achievement:

1. Fun

2. Safety

3. Practice makes Progress

Groups of children have a structured framework in which to Play and Discover OR Play to Perform

What !F Circus has facilitated at Primary Schools Activity weeks: 

MADs, STEM and Healthy Living Projects, after school clubs and family fun days.

Adam is currently exploring the deep roots that Play has in early life developmental growth stages: physical, mental and social skillsets.

"Understanding the wealth of new knowledge in the field of Play is a fundamental platform to understand how to enhance peoples experiences when discovering their own natural Circus talents!" Adam BOOM!

3 Interesting facts:

1. Sleeping under the stars was a common occurrence during his 2019 UK events and workshops tour.

2. His Egyptian slave dress didn’t catch fire once when performing Fire Poi in 2 UK tours of the Opera - Aida!

3. He is the Copper Clown Living Statue in Tracy Beaker's 'The Dumping Ground'

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What !F Circus...
taught at your School?

USP alert!

1 day's Play can be delivered to: 

1 class OR 1 year group OR the 'whole school' AND

anywhere in between!


Learn how to interact and play with props with structured play, gaining technique through fun and imaginative games!


Learn how to perform your newly found super abilities to your peers in a non-judgmental and safe environment. I can hear the applause now!

***COVID-19 Government guidelines Risk Assessed and adhered to***

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W!FC - FESTIVAL POSTER summer.jpeg

What !F Circus...
entertained your Festival & Event?


Come and experience a pressure free atmosphere to 'have a go' with props as you please!


Experience a display of Circus Skills you'll be learning and more! 

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Circus Props include:

- Hula Hoops -

- Poi - 

- Staff -

- Spinning plate -

- Juggling Balls, Scarves and Rings

- Juggling Hats -

- Contact Juggling ball -

- Diablo -

- Flower Sticks -

- Rolla Bola -

- Peg stilts -

- Cup stilts -

- Balancing Feather -

WIFC! - Circus props include.jpg
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Screenshot 2019-02-23 at 21.21.14.png

What !F Circus...
performed a fire show?

It's dusk and the light is just right. Pull up a seat and experience Adam BOOM! perform Circus Skills in a daring and spectacular Fire and Pyrotechnic Show!

Great for festivals, private parties and corporate functions.

Adam Boom! will see you soon... ;-)

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Don't believe the hype...!


* Equity (Actors Union) member for 10 years

* DBS certified - formerly CRB Enhanced

* Child Safe Guarding certified 

Health and Safety: 

* Fully insured - £10,000,000 PLI

* Fully Risk assessed

* Full Method statement

*** COVID-19 Government Guidelines Risk Assessed and adhered to with assistance from client ***

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Contact the Circus

!F you KNOW what you want, great. Get in touch!

!F you WANT more information, even better. Get in touch!  

07944 341 916

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